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Welcome to the “Isman Mediation” website.
The Honorable James E. Isman has retired,
after sixteen years on the Superior Court bench
in Atlantic County, effective July 1, 2014.

Prior to being appointed to the bench by former Governor Whitman, Judge Isman served as an Assistant Prosecutor in Camden for eight years, and then went into private practice with the firm, then known as McGahn, Friss, Gindhart and Miller, in early 1981. Between 1981 and 1998, Judge Isman represented Resorts and the various Trump casino entities in defense of both personal injury and contractual/commercial claims against them, and also represented those entities, as well as many other clients, both corporate and individual, as plaintiffs in claims ranging from personal injury to products liability.

While a partner in the firms of Subin and Isman, and later, McGahn, Friss, Isman, Franks and Tripician, Judge Isman continued to handle both Plaintiffs’ claims and defendants (in both criminal and civil courts), and, in particular, represented many physicians and corporate officers in their business and private interests. Between the period of 1989 and 1998, Judge Isman became certified by AAA as a personal injury and commercial arbitrator, and was also named as the neutral arbitrator in more than one thousand cases involving both personal injury and commercial claims.

While serving in the Civil Division, Judge Isman conducted settlement conferences, mediations and presided over trials involving personal injury claims, medical and other professional malpractice, contract disputes, complex construction litigation, and a variety of other commercial disputes.

With that by way of background, Judge Isman is now available and anxious to help you resolve disputes by alternate methods, including – but not limited to mediation.

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